Shape Up Shoppe

2697 S. KK Ave. Milw. WI 53207 

Updated 3-1-18 

If this page is not updated every 3-days, or your email is not returned within 24 hours, it means we are having "technical difficulties".

In that case, leave a voice or a text at the shoppe -414.481.2108

Do you need a wellness directive for lent? It is not too late. How about one of these?

^First food of the day must be 2 pieces of fruit - 5 days per week

^Spinach or dark green mix salad 5 nights a week

^64-96 oz of water 7 days per week

^No dairy 3 days per week

^No cheese 4 days per week

^No red meat 6 days per week

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Remodeling update: 

We have started again. If you hear very loud banging, don't be alarmed. They are taking out pipes and pounding on metal and tiles. Be assured you have complete privacy. The changing rooms had to be moved so large equipment can get into the old pool room. For now the shower stalls will serve as changing rooms to practice privacy. We will not have showers starting  Saturday Feb 3rd. Since we only have several members that utilize the showers, we may consider returning to the days of no showers like our 1st 10 years at this location. We only added them because it was a law to shower before entering the pool. We never had showers at our 4 Tosa locations and that worked out well. This will be determined after a few walls are down and we see if the pipes can be divided with our new tenant. She will be moving her massage business to our location [the pool room] with her own private entrance. We will make that decision in a few months and we may want to keep one shower. The locker room will have some of the lockers removed and part of the bench removed and private changing rooms put in. It will look similar to the locker room at our Bluemound Tosa location. When that is on the schedule [possibly summer] it will be quick and we will ask you to clean out your lockers; but for now you are fine. We are doing our best to keep floors clean.  Another update here in March. 

NOTICE: Please do not wear shoes in from outside & just wipe them off for class. We will continue this year-round. It has really helped.