Shape Up Shoppe

2697 S. KK Ave. Milw. WI 53207 

Updated 5-25-18

memorial day jam with trainer Kris - fund-raiser for vets $20 advance includes raffle tic for vintage shirts and current shoppe shirts; THE FIRST 10 TO PAY RECEIVE 2 RAFFLE TIX!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

 invite to gather on the tiki deck after class...hope for a nice day



we have had 3 step classes so far...great job everyone!

june schedule - lot's of changes - be sure and check schedule page next week

*mon morns ADDING A CLASS!  [too crowded last year with teachers off] both classes will be cardio-express like like the mon/weds 6:15 has been for 2 years! lots of fun. everyone is invited to take ONE of the classes! if you want to do floor abs, use the training room as we will put fans in the cardio room and air it out in between the 2 classes...most likely 8:30 and 9:30

*we may also need to add a class on wednesdays...we will watch attendance

*Fri pm - attendance too low after changing it to an earlier time

*we only have enough to sustain ONE box class in june/july...sign up for which day you want. we will have a summer "specail"

*we only have enough to sustain ONE early bird class for june/july...tues seems to be the popular day

If this page is not updated every 3-days, or your email is not returned within 24 hours,

it means we are having "technical difficulties". In that case, leave a voice or a text at the shoppe -414.481.2108

Remodeling update: 

Summer update.  Remodeling continues.  Be assured you have complete privacy. The changing rooms were moved so large equipment can get into the old pool room. The shower stalls  serve as changing rooms to practice privacy. Pipes will continue to be turned off for water as the steam system is slowly removed. This means showers will continue to be turned off.  Since we only have several members that utilize the showers, we will most likely return to the days of NO showers like our 1st 10 years at this location. We  added them because it was a law to shower before entering the pool. We never had showers at our 4 Tosa locations and that worked out well  to stabilize prices. A rehab massage business will move in to our location [the pool room] with her own private entrance.  If she has a shower she may offer it for a small fee. The locker room will have some of the lockers removed and part of the bench removed and private changing rooms put in. It will look similar to the locker room at our Bluemound Tosa location. When that is on the schedule [possibly summer]

it will be quick and we will ask you to clean out your lockers; but for now you are fine. We are doing our best to keep floors clean.  The great news about the remodeling is that with renting the area and getting back to our roots of being a fitness studio without the pool/water/showers, the shoppe dues will remain more than 50% less than other Bay View fitness boutiques with a focus on classes. With fixed prices for 6 straight years we still managed to maintain only 8% increases in most memberships in the past 3 years. Our 2 most popular memberships had a decrease last year and will remain fixed in 2018.

The Bay View area has lost 9 more businesses recently and we have had many requests to rent our back space  but are committed

to the massage business at this point. We are trying to get other building owners in BV to offer a reduced rent to keep business in Bay View. 

Be assured the Shape Up Shoppe is sound and strong. We always do what it takes!  Hopefully the BID will dissolve so more owners will remain in BV

NOTICE: Please do not wear shoes in from outside & just wipe them off for class. We will continue this year-round. It has really helps