Shape Up Shoppe

2697 S. KK Ave. Milw. WI 53207 

Updated 9-21 [next update sun 24th late pm]

team lean 17 - support each other

September Specials [posted here and at the club every Monday for the upcoming week]

We will be teaching the new session in every class this week along with adding boot-camp in every single class. That will be enough for variety and new moves for this week. 

Let us know what days you would like slide for next week 

Chill-on-the-Hill "Field Trip" Pictures, Labor Day pics, Aug B-day party pics...posted soon. 

favorite summer emails:
~Can you please bring back Torture Tuesday (a/k/a tough-shit Tuesday) for Aug. or Sept. or forever?  I love being pushed to the max at least 1 day a week.  Mary 

~ Literally 9lbs down! Holy shit. PS- My arms hurt! Lol Be at both aerobics classes this weekend. Thank you for everything! You sure know how to make a girl feel good. 

~Hi Julie, Can I restart lessons with Dennis next week..I  am down 61lbs since November 15th.  Some days i still feel like I'm XXX lbs but seeing this picture and stepping on the scale I'm XXXlbs today, Thank you for helping me find who i am again, for pushing me and just for being you. I admire and look up to you so much and honestly the shape up shoppe, you, den, and the girls there really saved my life!  So enough mushy gushy shit, see you in class tonight!  Amanda

~Julie, I’m okay...not dead or injured....I will be back and ready to go next week! I will also say that I am generally crabby when I don’t work out at the Shoppe....Kay

~Julie, Have I ever mentioned how wonderful it is to have someone like you in my life! And the community….You have helped me come so far over the past 10 years, and

I truly could not have done it without you! Jen

~Julie Since I joined a few months ago, I wanted to share that I've lost 6lbs.  The way I see it is that's more than 5 and almost 10!  Thank you! Most importantly, I feel healthier and stronger, and I  like I am doing what I can to live better. Thank you SO much for asking details of what I need to focus oon [for my gym program] you are the BEST! I LOVE YOUR CLASSES! Tarin

~ Julie, I'm so thankful for this opportunity, and I just want you to know. Thanks for making time for me??✌️ I've been tempted to [food cheat] but HELL NO! I've waited wayyyyy to long for someone to show me the RIGHT way to do this. Mel