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2697 S. KK Ave. Milw. WI 53207 

notice: NOTICE: notice: NOTICE:

please no more wearing shoes in from outside & just wiping them off. it gets a little slippery & it has been very hard to keep up on cleaning. PLEASE - let's ALL CHANGE SHOES from the outside. remember, you are welcome to leave workout shoes at the shoppe

Updated 12-15   CHRISTMAS Tree-Lighting  Shoppe Christmas Party -30ish people!

                                                                         Arg I forgot to take the group picture!

Party Deets:

1. Put on warm WARM Christmas ugly or pretty Christmas sweater 

omg you all looked so cute and festive and we even had triplets in dresses. thanks for being there everyone, dennis and i and kris all appreciated you being there and fitting it in your busy schedules

2. Have hot-toddies in the bamboo room between 6:30 & 8 and get to know each other 

that was a great idea kris to go around the room and tell about ourselves. so fun!

* This year we have a special musical treat -a duet by our own Nancy & husband Brad 

tears of joy! thank you so much nancy & brad. it really made the party special. and i also want to thank larissa for playing drummer boy on her trumpet with den on drums. that was beautiful with the snow falling meant a lot 

3. Go outside about 8pm in Svens parking lot and sing Christmas songs [we pass out sheets with the words] 

thank you again larissa for playing and thank you nancy for our starting notes....omg

4. We sing "O Christmas Tree"and trainer Kris goes on the roof and plugs in our tree for the holidays and pretends she got a shock or is going to fall. well santa blew over but kris is fine

5. Go back inside & finish off the hot-toddies & holiday wines [if your schedule permits] ouch my head hurts today

Look for holiday schedule postings here, schedule page and at the shoppe 
FRI 15TH 5:30 AM 9AM 5:15 ABS 5:30 CARDIO
SUN 8:30
MONDAY  18th 9AM 4:30 & 6:15 CARDIO [5:30 BOX]
Tues 19th 9am 5:30pm
Weds 20th 5:30am, 9am, 5:30pm
Thurs 21st 9am, 5:30pm [6:30BOX]
Fri 22nd 5:30am, 9am, 5:15? tbd
Sat 23rd [jam 8am] 9:15 Basic
Sun 24th 8:30am
Monday 25th, Tues 26th closed 

Sign up- Cardio Cookie Crush!  Start counting your cookies December 1st. Track them. 

We are matching your cookies with fitness minutes in a long fun throw-back Jam class in January and a free T- shirt 


January-Jumpstart IS ON
Also in January/February Healthy-Habits Bingo
REMODELING UPDATES and Sauna/Steam News: Thanks for all of the offers to help. 
You know how remodeling goes...slow & frustrating! We may take you up on your offers at the end stages :)
For those that have not noticed...I guess that is a good thing. I try to have the shower floors cleaned daily but it is hard to keep up. I would suggest flip flops during this time. The massage business that will be opening [where the pool used to be] will not be open for a number of months yet. I will miss my dream pool room and was truly heart-broken to lose it due to codes, but this will be good. Dennis built every inch of that space and it hurts to see his artistry gone. The space has been empty for over a decade where we could have had utilized the space and used the income to defer costs. But we can look forward to that going forward. Dennis is doing much of the work and I am so lucky as he has about 1000 comp hours in so far [ i have now stopped counting] but we also have outside workers that schedule their own hours. I have been fortunate to have them come after 11am so the morn class can have showers. We will have a team of masons come in to pour very soon and I will have to go around their hours. During those 2 days we will have only half of the locker room space and no shower use. The water will be off. I will only have a few days notice and I will post those 2 days here. Please EVERYONE, empty your lockers CORRECTION - WHEN WE POST IT [we will need to thoroughly clean after all of the dust anyway] We will move some shoes to the silver shelves but you can leave them. They will stay clean. The old steam room will then be ripped out. I hope to be able to use the unit to build a single person steam in one of the showers by adding a door and ceiling to it. This would be healthier than shared air. In a steam we practice deep breathing and share the vapor. In the sauna we breath shallow and there is no vapor entering the lungs so it is different. The steam and sauna share a wall and share pipes so we will not have sauna use 99% of the days until this is done. I did include a sauna visit for the team-lean group to assist in their detox cleanse. I will post any possible day that I can have the sauna on. You will find this info with the Mix-it-Up November Schedule above. Weekday mornings will not be an option as it takes the pipes hours to cool and I already am pushing my luck having them wait until 11am to start work. Last year the sauna was included free for Annual Jam Members, Box Members, and PT members as a thank you for going above and beyond. This will be the same going forward. All others are welcome for a sauna drop-in fee of $10. These shoppe improvements will be great because Dennis is in charge.Look at our fun Bamboo Room!  I am sure you noticed the awesome back entrance he remodeled for the new business. There will be a wall built segregating their entrance. Most fitness class venues do not have showers due to expense but we feel we need them and the team feels we can preserve 2 and have a steam and still give the new business ample hallway entrance space. We are still growing and adding classes after 38 years and the reduced overhead will help tremendously. If I can work less than 12 hours a day I can make up more routines which is what I want to less crabby to you all! Thank you for your patience with the mess and for being the greatest members anywhere! More updates after Thanksgiving. Most sincerely, Julie

Chill-on-the-Hill "Field Trip", Labor Day pics, Aug B-day party pics, Bash pics, Gallery pics...and more posted soon. or not?