Shape Up Shoppe

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this session- if you are not sore or feeling results in your

medius [love-handle]-

twist more behind the calf in "bottoms up" routine and hold it for a 2-count. lean more in the 4 count side press in "burnin up", 

make it more of a lean and hold with a slide on "shimmy" 

lower maximus [porky]

keep hips low in "bottoms up" don't lift them up and down.  "janet jackson" slide in and tuck, stay on toes, 

tricep and bicep

lock elbows perfectly straight in "be my lover" when pressing back

lats [bra fat back]

when doing full range lat moves in "burnin' up" and in "shimmey" routines,

be sure the emphasis is on the positive motion which is the downward press

all instructors will point these moves out to you this week

NOTICE: Please do not wear shoes in from outside & just wipe them off for class. We will continue this year-round. It has really helps