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PT INDOOR PERSONALIZED Indoor training meets the individuals needs, goals, and requests. You let us know if you need to lower weight, speed up metabolism, get stronger, or if there are specific areas you want to shape-up or even define. We can work around pre-existing injuries or focus on rehab and strength post-surgery.  Every session is different and challenging.

OUTDOOR BOOT CAMP Outdoor boot camp involves running [any speed], hill climbing, and sand walking. There are stations for working arms and glutes. Tell us if you have pre-existing knee issues as the course is individualized. This camp takes your strength & stamina to the next level.

BOX & BALL If asked the question, "What are your goals for these sessions?"... and you reply... "I need to firm-up and tone-up EVERYWHERE!" ... then this is the workout you need. Boxbag [no contact] firms up the "jiggles" everywhere! It also burns the most calories. The medicine balls are used for torso, trunk, and abs, abs, abs.

SLIDE & SPIN  Slide will re-hab the knees and give you an awesome "sweat" with a contiuous, steady, and even heartrate to burn fat. The adductors [inner leg] and abductors [outer leg] along with glutes, will be tighter in one session. Because slide works the lateral planes of the body, spin is included for a well-rounded work-out. This is the workout to choose to lower body fat and increase metabolism.....all cardio but low-end.

                   * You can request any combination of everything offered above and each session may be different.

PT non-member prices  1x $50, 3x $125, 5x $200     

PT annual member prices   3x $115, 6x $190  

Sports Specific Training

We want to enjoy our favorite sports and activities! It is hard on the joints to change from cardio classes to repetitive use of limited muscle groups. For example; if you are a golfer you need to start working your external obliques NOW to avoid a lower back injury from twisting. Body mechanics need to be considered!. Gardeners need to consider knee, back and neck exercises. With new training techniques we can expect to have tight or even sore muscles. This may also be a good time to consider the private therapy pool  for one of your sessions.

                                                                      Make an appointment for training with: 

Julie Newman: Tough Mudder or similar, swim, running, volleyball, and softball. Julie is also state-licensed to certify trainers and specializes in Kineseology. Injury prevention and working around pre-existing injuries and/or surgeries is a specialty.

Dennis Newman: Track, cross-country, marching, basketball, football, tennis, wrestling,and boxing.  Dennis has marching, basketball, and football coaching experience, along with tennis coaching at the varsity level. He holds a state win in wrestling and has numerous boxing titles. He regularly trains middle and high-school sports teams as well as on-site classes for disabled adults. 

 2x per week, 3 weeks $180 Non-members welcome. Starting age 13  or 5 for $175 - Prep for matches or train to excell at the state level for scholarships. 

Increase your Metabolism

How many minutes of cardio work do I need? This is a commonly asked question.

The average American needs approximately 30 CONSECUTIVE minutes of cardio to delve into fat stores as our workout energy source according to the AMA.  Extending past 30 minutes  can "burn" additional fat. In 1992 the AMA published findings that 20 minutes were needed. They have since changed this, stating the American diet has changed.

This is how it works. The body will initially use blood sugar [glucose] as it's energy source to workout. It will then draw from stored sugar [glycogen], then blood fat [triglycerides], finally utilized stored fat. If we have a lower blood sugar or triglyceride level do we utilize fat stores sooner? Yes! This is how diet and exercise go hand-in-hand.

These are the tips we share at our club daily. Our basic aerobic classes provide 30 consecutive cardio minutes. The choreography insures zone training to be sure we maintain aerobic levels. If the heartrate is not within ones range - all is in vain. Trainers take care to remind clients to monitor heartrate and breathing. We offer 16 basic classes per week.

Once we are finally utilizing stored fat as our fuel source, we may want to continue past the 30 minutes if we are trying to lower our percentage of body fat  in order to increase the metabolism. To extend your cardio work, keep your heart-rate in your "fat-burning" range and run downstairs to the gym while the rest of the class is cooling down. Choose the treadmill, spinner, stepper, life-cycle, trampoline, boxbag or slide to continue your cardio work. DO NOT LET YOUR HEART-RATE DROP. If you cool down and start again, so will your body and it will take another 30 minutes to get back to the business of burning fat!  It is just as beneficial to start your cardio in the gym, watching the TV monitors and join the class in progress when they have completed the warm up. Try it both ways and maybe your body will tell you which way is the best fit for you.