Shape Up Shoppe

2697 S. KK Ave. Milw. WI 53207 

TENNIS resumes July 10th  2016 

TENNIS Lessons

For anyone with the desire to learn the basics or improve their game


Practice and lessons 

The same technique taught at Northshore without having to join a club. Quality lessons/results

MEMBERS: 1 lesson=$40, 3=$100, 2 people together, 3=$135.  take off $10 additional packages

90 min indoor session for BEGINNERS [WINTER] $60  Sponsor: Shape Up Shoppe Bay View

 Indoor drills and technique Workout room the length of a tennis court

SCORING & RULES Basics singles/doubles  

RACKET GRIPS Forehand, backhand, & spikes

POSITIONING Basics of baseline, net, & volley

SWING Learn body mechanics and form

SERVES Learn form & basic beginner serves

TRAINING Conditioning & sports specific drills

For more information: 414.481.2108

 Ask for Julie to learn details / make appointments after July 4th [email protected]

Tennis Lessons Available Now!!!!  All ages, all skill levels


Chantel Newman Florida Location St. Petersburg Florida - same pricing 

Tennis Instructor Boys and Girls Club: 2007, 2008 1st in  USTA tournaments, singles and doubles: 2009 USTA ranking 25, 4th in State Competition,

Marquette Women's Varsity Tennis Team: 2010, 2012  Marquette Trainer 2012 PRIVATE LESSONS ONGOING

Dennis Newman -Milwaukee  Tennis Instructor/ Tournaments   10 years Team Coaching, Privates,  Varsity Girls Coach High School  - State Comp Coach