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Zumba in Bay View

 Zumba is a fun seasonal class offered at the shoppe. We have a fitness focus for January. We PROMISE results from our fun choreographed fitness classes! Obvious, noticeable results! Note> please don't inguire or apply to teach Zumba at the shoppe, that is not the reason we are not offering it for January. Most everyone is a certified Zumba instructor these days...including many of our members....when we resume Zumba we welcome back Kate.

Zumba is a fun class that we offer seasonally at the shoppe. However...our Cardio-Complete is equally as fun but with current music and routines that focus on areas women want to work and shape up. We promise results. We wouldn't continue to fill 20 classes weekly after 36 years if this class did not get injury-free results! We realize many people are "hooked" on Zumba...but please give our other classes a try to see the change in your body weight, body fat and metabolism. Zone training and monitoring heartrate is the ONLY way we can increase our metabolism! Let us help you. 

Why Zumba at the Shoppe?   

·    36 years of reliability!

·    Great atmosphere, great sound - not a rec center

·    FREE use of gym at every visit!

·    If you miss a class, make up in another of our 20 classes held weekly

·    Reputation, Location, Price! We will beat any Zumba Price!