Shape Up Shoppe

2697 S. KK Ave. Milw. WI 53207 

BoxBag Classes since 1991 Milwaukee's ORIGINAL! 2 trainers in every class. 360 degree swinging bags. Pro-boxer on target mitts with every participant. Compare to other classes! Drop-in $20, deduct it from a 10-week session or yearly membership. Note: BoxBag is coed although we often only have women signed up

Mondays 5:30  

Thursdays 6:30

Missed classes can be made up in our Press & Pump class Saturdays at 9:15am. Circuit workout on Nautilus including cardio on Spinners. Awesome workout!

Includes full nautilus gym and 1 PT session. Includes make-ups for missed classes. Same location/owner 40 years. Reliability and RESULTS BASED! Members meet their goals!
We are a no-contract gym. No direct withdraw process. 

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Gym Membership Plans (Does NOT include personal training)
$299 — Monthly Membership* $3,588 — Yearly Membership. Get 3 month free.
$85 month  limited access, non professional-non certified boxers, circuit workouts [shape up shoppe includes circuit workouts free as a side class]
$90 month - no certified boxers - most classes extra fee
Barr or Crossfit or Helium in Bay View
$110 -$135 month 
more like a circuit, stations, jump-rope - not  all boxing 


Please make appointment by emailing or by calling 414.481.2108 

To view a class check out youtube or connect to Marquette University videos. See pics on Instagram.

Milwaukee Brewers Dance team classes - private

"Boxing for Girls"

Below is a link to view the article featuring women's boxing at the Shape Up Shoppe Fitness Club written in June 2010 for the Marquette University Website.  This article includes two great videos with club manager Kris Nardi that help to portray the different elements of the class:  They have also added a 2011, 2012, 2013, 2104 review.