Shape Up Shoppe

2697 S. KK Ave. Milw. WI 53207 

If you are a new member, OR returning member, appointment is positively needed for your 1st class. 

Please email for appointment or leave a voice message at 414.481.2108 [EMAIL is more efficient]

CARDIO-COMPLETE Class Times July Note: Closed July 4th

Mon:                    9am     4:30 pm,  6:00 pm  

Tues:                   9am     5:30 pm   

Weds:                  9am    4:30 pm6:00 pm 

Thurs:                  9am    5:30 pm    [BoxBag by appointment- sign up at desk]

Fri:                       9am    Noon, 5:00 pm 

Sat:                      9:30am  [Power Jam class for Jam members- sign up weekly at desk to limit the number]

Sun:                     9 am