Shape Up Shoppe

2697 S. KK Ave. Milw. WI 53207 

N O V E M B E R 2018  

If you are a new member, OR returning member that would like to join, appointment is positively needed for your 1st class. 

Please leave a voice message at 414.481.2108 or email [inquiries to tour or join]


"Cardio-Complete" Class Times for Members  [Basic Aerobic Classes with Boot-Camp Strength Stations included= 55 minutes] 

mon:                   9am   4:30 pm,  6:15 pm 

tues:   5:30AM    9am   5:45 pm [Core is 5:30-5:45]

weds:                  9am   4:30 pm,  6:15 pm  [One long extended gravy burning class Weds 21st 5:30 - Arrive by 5:45 and you will still get a great workout]

thurs:  5:30AM    9am   5:45 pm [Core is 5:30-5:45]  [Thanksgiving Day no classes, Fund-raiser  class for Purple Heart] IF 15 SIGN UP BY THE 15TH

fri:                        9am   5:30:pm [OPTIONAL ABS AT 5:20] [No class Black Friday - 2 morning classes by sign-up]

sat:                      9:15am  

sun:                     8:30am

                                          Consider upgrading to an all-access membership or possibly add a day for fall/winter

BoxBag: Mondays 5:30pm - Cardio Box, add it to your membership

TKO: Thursdays 6:30pm FULL Through NOV 30th Technical knock out, correct technique BoxBag, includes target mitts

Sat HI75 POWER JAM: 8am 75 Minutes of Hi-Intensity, Hi-Impact Throw-Back Cardio Routines, add this class to your membership