Shape Up Shoppe

2697 S. KK Ave. Milw. WI 53207 

Hi all. I am working and available FYI so please don't feel like you are "bothering me".  I am here for you! I tried to take a short vacation away from it all the 1st-6th because I was stressing about poor attendance, worried about the shoppe, worried about Kris and I having a job, worried about small business in general, but spent the 4th and 5th inside answering panic questions so it just didn't work out this year. I am always here for my shoppe family. 

We want those of you that are really nervous to feel safe at the shoppe. Remember, we are a PRIVATE facility, NOT open to the public, so I hope that helps a little bit. Possibly at a grocery store, half of the people there would test positive if tested multiple times. Possibly the grocery person bringing your food to your car was tested positive. There is a lot to cause us fear once we think about all of those situations so I am concerned for your mental well-being and mental strength as well. I want to say that I 1000%  trust our shoppe family of members that if you feel ANY symptoms you would not come. To add additional peace of mind, we have added a forehead thermometer at the desk to add another feature to hopefully help make you feel safe. We are limiting the number of instructors and triple cleaning with CDC cleaners and cleaning according to the highest standards. I also really want you to focus on prevention and strengthening your immune system as well as maintaining healthy blood levels to ward off as many illnesses and family history diseases as well. This will be something positive we can all focus on together long-term. 

We have members with so many different opinions [like politics and religion] and I respect you all. We have smart, intelligent members! Some have emailed they are very nervous, and others have emailed they feel that folks are taking it a bit to far and blame the media. A few of you were unclear about the last post and wanted EXACT details. So here they are: LAST Tuesday, 8 days ago, Instructor Betsy who was and IS Asymptomatic [IE: has no symptoms; feels perfect] got tested several times to be "pro-active". One was negative, one was positive. She DID have on a mask until getting up to podium and she DID distance more than 6 feet and hasn't been in since and will not be coming in. She is getting tested again and is staying out of the shoppe either way.  If you were one of the 7 in her class and felt you got closer than 6-feet and are nervous, then do what is best for you for the remainder of the 2 week CDC recommended isolation period. If not, it really doesn't apply to you. If Betsy touched the railing, it has been cleaned 16 times in 8 days. If you see her at the store, try not to treat her or anyone like a leper. Does this remind anyone else of the old days when HIV surfaced? Some days I feel sad for those who are spreading fear, some days I feel angry. 

Information on google, the media, and medical postings also have different information.  I attended a 2-day medical [on-line] forum [as I regularly do] to re-certify my massage licences as I have to do yearly in July. They of course included Covid information. The Kaiser medical group was included and showed nationwide stats and charts that people that are Asymptomatic are not accurate tests because they don't even know what they are testing for, yet other chemists said viral strains of any type will present themselves. Hopefully they will all agree soon. Please don't send me any reports - I will wait until information is 100% accurate probably in 10 years. 

I respect you all and all of your different opinions and hope this post answers your email questions.

REVISED CLASS SCHEDULE FOR MORE INTENSE CLEANING TIME so we will take a box recess for now because the 6:30 box is too close to the 5:30 class but we will find you a time soon!!!  SAT JAM would need to end at 9 if you prefer we could bump the 9:30 to 9:45. Let Kris know. I think most want the jam longer???

Schedule  will go week by week - below is current week
Mon & Weds 9am, 4:30, 6
Tues & Thurs 9am, 5:30
Fridays 9am, Noon, 5pm


Masks: Every day we learn more about safety measures and strengthening our immune systems. At the shoppe we are a tight knit group and sometimes we don't realize we are getting closer than 6-feet to chat.  For that reason we are strongly encouraging everyone to wear masks upon entering the shoppe until you are walking up the spiral stairs getting excited for class! We do have one member on chemo and a member expecting baby #1! I am proud of our strong women getting out and about and also want everyone to feel comfortable. We will limit it to one desk attendant who will also be wearing a mask.

Chat areas: I want to reiterate that chat areas are the bamboo room where chairs are spaced 6-feet apart, so stand by a chair or sit on it.  Tiki deck is a fresh air chat room :). Please don't chat by the desk or especially by the entrance/exit hallway. Keep moving. 

Locker room: Limit 3 at a time, the area is divided for distancing. We have had complaints about lingering in the locker room, so hurry scurry please. Empty your lockers this week because we are moving half of them.  No more shoes on locker tops.

Shoes: Since we all missed out on an Easter egg hunt this year, you get to go on a shoe hunt for your shoes. So come early to your next class. They may be by the restroom, or spiral stair shelves, or cardio room shelves. Use a sharpie and put your name on them and move them to any of the 3 areas you wish. It would be good to have the morn shoes alternated with evening shoes so we are not all in the same place at one time. Any shoes without a name will be given away. Don't make a new area for shoes. Feel free to take them home if  you don't like the designated areas.

Gym Bags: When you are in the gym they go on the large rack. When you are in class they go on the shelves. THOSE ARE THE ONLY 2 CHOICES. Do NOT put belongings, beverages in the training room. 

Training Room: 3 person limit. Those 3 people can have their belongings with them. Note- Dennis has been doing a lot of PT and if he is in that room - do not walk in and disturb him. People have been walking in to get their belongings which should not be in there. 

Signing in: The clipboard is moved to hopefully make a more efficient flow of traffic. There is disinfectant to wipe the pen between use or wrap a tissue around it or bring your own pen. We will be switching to on-line signing in starting in August. 

Floor abs: You can stay after class or come early and do floor abs on a full size mat or full size towel. After 10 minutes please exit so we can clean.

Sweat: Consider a head band that absorbs sweat, and bring a towel to put under spinners or to sit on for equipment use. 

Immune system: A compromised immune system hurts us in so many ways. Every day take a multi vitamin, zinc, and a 1000 C! Get your glucose number healthy to avoid type 2. You can accomplish this by limiting sugar, processed foods, & alcohol. Keep your weight in check by tracking calories & eliminating saturated fat. 

I sincerely hope this helps everyone feel even more comfortable and we will keep working on creating a fun, healthy environment for all. 

The Shape Up Shoppe Fitness Club Inc. Safety Requirements:

2697 S. KK Ave. Milwaukee WI 53207

Do not come to the Shoppe if you feel ill, have a fever, or are coughing. This rule has ALWAYS been in place. We will expand this to include:…and, if you have been in contact with anyone that is experiencing these issues. We will be closing between classes and disinfecting the entire Shoppe including rest-rooms, hand rails, doors, and more. We will ask you to sign the Screening Form upon entering, rather than the sign-in attendance sheet. We will lock the door when class begins as we will not be open to the public or to give tours. We do trust you, and we want you to feel safe. Be sure you are on time for class as the door will be locked. Enter with a mask and keep it on until going up the spiral stairs to class. Keep moving while entering and distance by 6-feet. 

Cardio Room

  • 8 foot Distancing in Cardio Room – rather than the 6 required. Stickers are placed on the floor for you to choose a spot & includes distancing for the instructor
  • Masks are NOT allowed while cardio [see below] We do not want to put instructors at risk to be put in a position of delivering CPR
  • Do not lay on floor without a personal mat or full size towel 
  • We encourage you to de-stress, sing, and give air high-5’s from a distance
  • Follow the directions for the up/down stairways. Shoes will be divided rather than all in one place in the locker room.


  • Wear gloves if clean [your own] at all times or wipe down before and after use
  • Wipe down the equipment with the disinfectant provided after use
  • Only 6 people allowed in the gym at one time and spread out with at least 6 feet of distancing. Spinners have been moved apart

Training Room 

  • Only 3 people at a time to provide 6 feet of distance - this is not a room to chat, use Tiki deck which is inches away to chat.

Locker Room 

  • Get in, get changed, get out – 3 person limit, 5 minute limit. This is not a room to chat, use bamboo room which is inches away to chat.

Bamboo Room

  • Only 6 people at a time – chairs are 6 feet apart and should not be moved

Department of Public Health writes:

It more difficult for the wearer to breathe due to carbon dioxide buildup, which reduces the intake of oxygen, increased breathing rates, heart rate, respiratory rates, work of breathing, and CO2 buildup potentially posing risk to sensitive populations. Wearing a mask delivers less oxygen into the body than when the person is not wearing a mask. It can lead to oxygen shortage, suffocation, respiration trouble, and heart attacks.

Oxygen loss is equivalent to 1–2 % of the total body oxygen consumption at rest, but increases during activity to 8–10 %.

In addition, Scarves, bandannas, tissues, and anything not marked N95 or better (N100, P99, P100, etc.) are not helpful.  "Surgical masks that trap small particles are designed to filter air coming out of the wearer's mouth and do not provide a good seal to prevent inhalation of small particles People with breathing problems (ironically) are discouraged from wearing a mask without getting a doctor's recommendation.  Wearing a mask may actually be harmful to some people with heart or lung disease because it can make the lungs work harder to breathe. Small children, men with beards, and those with lung disease should not wear a mask. The state also recommends using a new mask each day, "if you can”.