Shape Up Shoppe

2697 S. KK Ave. Milw. WI 53207 

Tuesday 10-26 FRIGHT NIGHT at 5:45  Halloween Jammin' Music & routines and a ghost playing sax. We would love to see costumes but wearing orange and black is fun too! Retro leotards encouraged as well if you don't have a costume. Party to follow 7-9pm!!! 
Bring a beverage or snack if you wish.
Memberships are sold by mornings OR evenings as we offer different class types.  This also contains us to consistent groups so that all of you, and the Shoppe, stay as safe as possible.   Choose between a 2class or a 3class per week membership. The gym is included free with 1 complimentary training session. Venmo is our preferred payment method.  We can accommodate other methods of payment when requested.  Our Venmo account is ShapeUp-shoppe

Morning is "BodyJazz" low-impact fun, dancy choreographed aerobics favoring the needs and requests of our seniors. Mon, Weds, Fri 9:00am

Evening is "Cardio-Complete" advanced hi-impact workouts with Boot-Camp & strength directives. Class content can change daily. Wednesdays we offer Box classes.  
Mon 4:30 & 5:45    Tues 5:45    Weds 4:30  [also Box @6pm by sign-up]    Thurs 5:45    Friday 5:00    Saturday open gym 7:45-9:45 or [Jam class by sign-up]

OPEN GYM HOURS - also next week: Tues AND Thurs 8:10-10:30. Gym IS interchangeable with ALL members. Specify "GYM" on sign-in sheet

AM Gym Hours                                                 PM Gym Hours No locked door

Mon & Weds  8:45-10:15 [Door locks 9am]          Mon & Weds  4:00-7:30   Class 4:30 also Mon at 5:45 [Weds is Box at 6]       

Tues & Thurs open gym, Times posted above    Tues & Thurs 5:00-7:30   Class 5:45

Friday 8:45-10:15 [Door locks 9am]                      Friday 4:30-6:30               Class 5:00 come late if needed

Saturday  7:45-9:45 No locked door               

Sunday closed 

  • please take off your outside shoes when you walk in  - consider keeping your workout shoes at the shoppe
  • please start keeping lifting gloves in your shoes - especially PM members so you can be ready for anything without notice
  • please keep doing your great job of 6-foot distancing - also during abs, in training room, and by shelves
  • please list your birthday on the birthday poster so we can "celebrate" in class
  • please pay your dues on time which is on the 1st, or better yet pay off your membership & save us accounting fees 
  • please know that we appreciate you for the "extras" for Personal-Training, Box Class, Box Lessons, Jam Class and more .

Our GoFundMe link is
Or - anyone can just go to GO FUND ME and find us by typing in Shape Up Shoppe. Please ask businesses in the community to post.
Please ask people you know in the community that have a lot of followers, to post a plea on facebook and Instagram: "Please consider supporting my Gym, the cornerstone of BayView for 40 years, the first and longest existing woman owned business-building combination in Bay View hit hard by Covid The family run business has tried to do so much for Bay View and is hoping for community support to get a new roof."  ....something like that?