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Shape Up Shoppe

2697 S. KK Ave. Milw. WI 53207 

Updated 3-23-23
HAVE 2 FRUITS AND 2 VEGGIES DAILY [2 different fruits & 2 different veggies] Fruits have much needed vitamins, minerals, phytonutrients, and fiber. A great way to start the day. 
Consider berries in your smoothie and then a whole fruit during the day. Packages fruits in syrup, canned fruits, and dried fruits do not count. Fresh frozen fruits without additives or added sugar DO count. Consider a large spinach salad every night with other veggies on top - and then a side of steamed veggies with dinner. 
The fitness directive is 6 negative push-ups daily with an 8-second counts and an eight second rest in-between. 
1. Weigh in THE SAME DAY each week.  This is simply to know your numbers, see if you are maintaining, and set any goals you want for summer
2. Track weight on the group sheet. If you are a private person, use a pseudo name instead of your name such as Pikachu or Mini Mouse :) Prizes at the end for those completing directives.
3. At the next weigh-in check off yes or no that you made it the 7-days with the food directive or the fitness directive.  

Upcoming Pop-Up Workouts: 10=$50 or use for make ups until caught up. 
Monday March 20th 5:30pm BOX BOOT-CAMP Janay  [heavy bag, speed-bag, head-ache bag, target mitts] attendance=7
Tuesday March 21st  6:30pm STRENGTH   Janay Tuesday morning OPEN GYM added 9-11 am 
Saturday March 25th 9:30 STRENGTH Janay
WELCOME NEW MEMBERS - Please stop at desk - We need to add you to our pic wall 
Schedule Cardio-Complete Classes & Gym Hours March 2023 
5:40 am Tues/Thurs - Open 5:30 [door locked at 6am] close after class [TUES 3-21 OPEN GYM ADDED 9-11AM]
9:00am Mon/Wed/Fri - Open 8:45am [door locked at class start 9am] gym open to 10:15
4:45pm Mon/Wed [4:30 core abs optional] - Open 4-7:30pm; Friday 5ish[arrive as close to 5pm as possible] Open 4:30-6:30
6pm Mondays, 5:45pm Tues/Thurs - Gym Opens 4pm on Mondays, 5pm Tues/Thurs  [Box by pre-registration Weds at 6pm]
9:30 Specialty class, included in all cardio memberships - see above each week for type of class. Open gym 7:45-10:15 [Door locks to enter at 8am; re-opens 9:00am]
Throw-back Jam 70 minutes of cardio [by pre-registration] 
Sunday-Funday: 1 class per month, 9am seasonal  For classes with a locked door, please be on time or early - we no longer take calls to come down and open
  • please take off your outside shoes when you walk in  - consider keeping your workout shoes at the shoppe 
  • please start keeping lifting gloves in your shoes - especially PM members so you can be ready for anything without notice
  • please keep doing your great job of 6-foot distancing - also during abs, in training room, and by shelves
  • please list your birthday on the birthday poster so we can "celebrate" in class
  • please pay your dues on time which is on the 1st, or better yet pay off your membership & save us accounting fees 
  • please know that we appreciate you for the "extras" for Personal-Training, Box Class, Box Lessons, Jam Class and more .
Those on Venmo payment plans: Most of you Venmo ON TIME on the 1st each month, THANK YOU. Going forward, if payments are received after the 1st we would ask for payment in full rather than offering a payment plan to avoid large accounting fees.  Please remit payment ON YOUR OWN on the 1st. The 1st! THANK YOU
TEAM LEAN It is so much easier to eat healthy with support. To lose weight in a few weeks,  a strict menu is called for. It is 7-14 days so cost varies each program.
What is it? Eating whole foods without additives  as a group - menu provided - with group emails for support daily
Is it a fast? No NOT a  FAST, however the first  3 days are a CLEANSE with only 1000+ calories so you may be hungry the first day
Who should do it? Anyone wanting a cleaner system to ward off high LDL, high triglycerides, low energy, poor digestion & wanting to speed up the metabolism to lose weight
Who should not do it? Anyone that thinks they can't live without certain foods for a short time [cheese] anyone that can not forego alcohol for 7 days, anyone with a gluten allergy, or anyone protein obsessed needing more than the USRDA. It is all "normal" food
Are there side effects? Yes, weight loss. Also headaches, if you are currently sugar polluted. 
Thank you so so so so much for your hard work :)
Cardio Room:
Rock-stars on the ceiling from hell: The queen is Kris! And Janay for a huge section also Colleen 
Rock-stars of helping Kris prep parts of the ceiling: Kay & Mo & Janay
Rock-stars on the hard job of scrubbing the cream city brick one-by-one for an entire 2 days: Lindsey [even on a tall ladder to the ceiling] and Mary Oz
Rock-stars on painting the upstairs: Janay, Kay, Kayla, Andrea  
Rock-stars of the long hard sanding job to prep  for paint: Mo and also Raquel 
Rock-star of cleaning the fans making the fans look new, very long and hard job- Lindsey
Rock-star of getting the ceiling lights on and off to clean: Mary Oz
Rock-star of cleaning the windows: Mary Oz
Rock-star of painting the entire ceiling board that the bags hang on: Colleen
Rock-star of swooping in with her shoppe vac to finish the cardio room on a moments notice - Mary Oz 
Rock-star of wet vac: Andrea & her bucket girl Mo 
Rock-star of the gym floor- Mo
Training room:
Rock-stars on the horribly hard training room ceiling: Colleen & Den
Rock-star on the scraping job from hell in the training room - Vic
Rock-star on painting it Brian & scraping the hall above picture
Rock-star on painting the mirrors-Kris
Rock-star of cleaning an inch of gunk off of everything - Julia
Rock-stars of cleaning/hanging/moving the very heavy bags - Janay & A
Rock-star going to home depot and also touch up paint job- Kay 
Rock-stars hanging new tiki lights: Kay and Raquel
Blue hallway
Rock-stars of painting the very difficult hall on tall ladders over the blue stairs: Janay and A 
Rock-star painting the blue stairs: Janay
Rock-stars of painting the outside lower front: Vic, Alexandra, Mary Oz, Martina, Wendy
Rock-star of painting the ground - Colleen 
Rock-star of painting the top portions of the front - Vic
Locker Room
Rock-star of bleaching and scrubbing the locker room floors and making look like new: Kay
Rock-star of the lockers and bench and making the locker room pretty again: A
Rock-star of the new ceiling above sinks - Larry [new electrician]
Rock-stars of finding a place for everything that was piled up in the Bamboo Room: A
Rock-star of painting the floor out side of the downstairs bathroom - Janay
Rock-star of scraping upstairs bathroom floor- Mary Oz and for all of the other thankless cleaning jobs
Rock-star of the painting the diamonds upstairs bathroom and for  swooping in to help with other thankless jobs: Raquel 
Rock-star of fixing all of the shoppe pictures: Colleen