Shape Up Shoppe

2697 S. KK Ave. Milw. WI 53207 

Updated 1-26-19  

WE ALL NEED SUPPORTIVE WORKOUT SHOES. For the last year the trend has been mesh, comfy, non-supportive shoes which can lead to pain or worse. Ms KrismasElf finally found a great shoe. Shox for support, good arch support, and both sides are hard for lateral support which we REALLY need with the new songs. They will feel sturdy not like a slipper and you will get used to it within a week. Cost is $77-$89 depending on color. Here's how to get them:
 Go to then narrow the  search to shox, It will show shoes available on that site ~then become a Nike Plus member to get free ship/returns & discounts. No tricks, it really works Shoes will arrive in 2-3 days. ~The ‘Enigma’ is the type we are endorsing. Sizes are going fast but possibly those can be found for good prices on other sites as well like Finish Line and now that Nike sees they have to make shox for WOMEN again, not just men like the last 3 years!!!!!!!!!!!!!!,...we will see the sizes available again. 

Fun Stuff-
*Bday party for member Carol M turning 75 this coming Weds Jan 29th - [a real b-day party ladies- like with wine] 
If you take the 4:30 or 6 pm class...bring a change of dry clothes and hang out for member bonding. :)
*New session in full swing every night next week. Mornings to start Tuesday/Wednesday 
*ASS & ABS Workout Fundraiser, & Social Gathering - Tues Feb 4th 6:15 class Fun raffles and Bootie Booth!
NOTE-We will hold our reg class prior but at 5:30 - cardio express 40 minutes
*SAVE THE DATE - Fri March 13th, Boxing Match Final Fundraiser - fancy attire - cigars and wine sold

Slide info- Slide originated when Reebok was commissioned by the NFL for players with knee replacements as rehab to start directly after the wheelchair, even before they could walk. The knee has 4 plains and if all 4 are not equally strong, there is an imbalance of the pull on the patella which can cause slight displacement and pain. Runners especially have an imbalance because linear workouts strengthen the quads and hamstrings, and do not use the abductors and adductors. We need a lateral workout to cross-train.  Side effect: Tone/firm inner & outer leg!  


Please do not wear shoes in from the outside without washing them before you go upstairs. Members are nicely reporting that they have seen this. We touch the floor a lot :) You need to carry in shoes that you will wear on the workout floor, or leave them in the locker area. Thank you.