Shape Up Shoppe

2697 S. KK Ave. Milw. WI 53207 

9-14 - Happy Bday Nardo today - Happy Bday Liz [last Monday] [next update monday]

Hey - We are decorating the rental space this week [the back room]. If anyone has a leather chair or loveseat, stand up lamp, or small desk that you are getting rid of....we will take it...craigs list has nasty stuff this week.

Anyone wanna paint Sunday [tomorrow] with Izzy and Janay? Email me

We need Bash Bitches...sign up at desk. We need all sizes/ages to represent the shoppe. Just look at it as a workout. You will just be doing class but outside :) 

Slide offered this week multiple classes randomly [free], be ready for fun and sore inner thighs

Artists - now is your chance to get recognized, don't be shy, hang a piece for Gallery night Sept 27th

5:30 AM will be offered [days TBD] Tell your friends - 1x 12-weeks $72, 2x 12-weeks $120. 
Box TKO class Thursdays 6:30 PM returns Sept 26th. 12-week session needs to be pre-paid [$60] to hold a spot if you have not paid for Box for the year. 
***Note:Non-members will be signing up now as they have been patiently waiting. This will be the class with target mitts and technical training. Non-members $120
BoxBag Mondays will be sold out soon, if you are not a yearly Box member, new session - 10 weeks, $50 starts Sept 9th you can start your 10 weeks anytime in Sept. 3 openings left
SAT JAM - Continues as always. It will be full by September so we will no longer sell non-member packs for that class. In the past and recent past, it has been named HI65 [HIgh-IMPACT for 65 minutes], POWER JAM - [HIGH-INTENSITY for 75 minutes], and now we will simply call it SAT-JAM as we have all ages, all levels, low-impact, modified, and all levels are welcome for the fun throw-back and past routines. It will be 70 minutes to allow the room to air out for 5 minutes before the 9:15 class. If you choose to add on to the workout please do so in the gym or training room and then come back in at 9:15 if your membership includes the workout or if you have make ups. 

Slide info- Slide originated when Reebok was commissioned by the NFL for players with knee replacements as rehab to start directly after the wheelchair, even before they could walk. The knee has 4 plains and if all 4 are not equally strong, there is an imbalance of the pull on the patella which can cause slight displacement and pain. Runners especially have an imbalance because linear workouts strengthen the quads and hamstrings, and do not use the abductors and adductors. We need a lateral workout to cross-train.  Side effect: Tone/firm inner & outer leg!  


Please do not wear shoes in from the outside without washing them before you go upstairs. Members are nicely reporting that they have seen this. We touch the floor a lot :) You need to carry in shoes that you will wear on the workout floor, or leave them in the locker area. Thank you.