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Post 3-30 3pm

Reminder to check here a few times weekly for more workouts and meetings. See below [post 3-26] to obtain the current session. This week I am taking appointments for PT home programs via Skype or Duo. I want to help with your personal goals. I am also very concerned that you all work around any pre-existing injuries. I have had multiple requests for triceps and for "bra-fat" help lol, so I will do Instagram tutorials for those this week rather than sending to each individual. Regarding Instagram, I have a personal request. Please join me in my #nohatefromhome campaign. Remember when Instagram was just fun stuff, kittens, and party pics? Several members have told me they are done with Instagram because of all of the hate and politics. Of course everyone has the right to free speech and of course we can say, "Simply don't follow me";  but as one member put it; "I can un-follow, but I can't un-see", and I will now look at that fellow member in class VERY differently. I have been told of members posting Evers hanging from a lynch rope with horns on, Trump with a bullet in his head, and laypersons pushing their politics.. This is all very distressing to say the least and won't uplift anyone. In my day, the hate that mortified me was directed to ethnic hate, gays, gay clubs, and more. Looking back, those haters are now mortified by their behavior. I haven't seen any of these Inst posts as I do not follow any members or instructors. I just follow businesses. I do hope you will continue to follow the shoppe as I will keep it professional, and un-follow any haters or those posting suggestions of death. For those of you posting negatively - consider how your shoppe family will feel about you when we are all together again. Our rights have been taken away, for us, regarding social distancing responsibilities so... possibly consider monitoring use of social media rights on your own? One idea may be to track your daily minutes on social media and devote the same amount of minutes daily researching how to correct underlying diseases - cholesterol, diabetes etc and improve your numbers and your parents numbers. All I can do is put the ideas out there, and pray for kindness. Spread the word ladies for all to join your gym in the #nohatefromhome campaign. Feel free to mention the Shape Up Shoppe as the #postpositivegym :) On that positive note - we have 56 doing the home workouts and I have been told it is helping your mental wellness as much or more as your fitness wellness. I am so happy, that is what I was hoping for! I would love to see a pic of you doing it, or a 10-second video sent via Inst. I miss you all and am working on another workout for you. LOVE PEACE KINDNESS HEALTH j ...and hopefully the last drama filled update. Let's sweat!

Post 3-28 6pm
Home Workouts - we now have about 35 people doing the shoppe classes at home. A few of you have expressed that it really helped your mood as well as getting your fitness on! That is what I was hoping for. Some of you want to do it on your own and requested the songs so I listed them below. Keep in mind I always dub songs to make them longer and I change the speeds to keep our heart-rates cardio. It is important to do them in order because we zone train and that means with each song heart-rate will be a few beats higher. I am proud of you all for continuing the shoppe workouts at home. My account tracks usage and I am excited to see high numbers. I will try and be motivating in the next video and possibly slightly bitchy. I may even use names of those that I know don't mind. I miss you all. j
Song List - in order
Shelter - Finneas
I'm Not Alright - Loud Luxury
Believer - Imagine Dragons
Bulletproof - The Score
Take What you Want- Ozzy, Post Malone
Boom Boom Boom Boom - the cast of Empire 
Glory - The Score
Next level - Zayde Wolf

Post 3-26-20 12:00PM 
Home Workouts Available Now!
To view the current session, email me at my private email: and I will send you the link. You do NOT need a YouTube account. This is an unlisted video. Only current members requesting it can view it. It will list [on my account] users and times viewed. Please do not give the link to ANYONE. For this first video I didn't talk at all because most of you know it and so you can just blast the music and workout. For each advanced move, I did the first few counts low-impact so that everyone can chose their workout. Note: after I see who is working out to it, I may use your names in the next video if you give me permission. I will yell switches etc in the next video because you won't know some of the routines. 
  • To view it on your computer/laptop:
  • To view in on your TV: Get to YouTube via your cable server, Chrome-cast, Roku, or by connecting your laptop or phone. Manually type in the link in the search bar
  • To view in on your phone: Some of you may be familiar with casting it to your TV from your phone 
Other tips this week:
I am worried about shock absorption. We are used to the great floor at the shoppe which absorbs 70% shock, and most of you have your good shoes at the shoppe. TODAY I will post on Instagram items you may want to purchase for joint support. All are currently available at for a fraction of the cost of other vendors. It is a 55 second video. I will also post a 55 trampoline tutorial for those that have requested that. Individual programs via SKYPE or DUO are available tomorrow and Saturday by appointment. 

                                                                                                                        Post 3-24 7:00pm: CLASSES IN YOUR HOME!

To be prepared to workout to the class video as soon as tomorrow evening [if there are no glitches] be sure you  are familiar with YouTube. If you could workout to it on your TV or laptop it would be easier to see obviously. Find a space where you can move around a bit, but I will do the routines stationary just in case your area is small.  I still expect you to work out hard and I may have to use profanity even though it is lent. I will do my best. Rather than listing it as "Private" I will have a viewer link for you. That way you do NOT need to have your own YouTube account. You can simply enter the secured link which will keep it available only to members. I will also be offering several live SKYPE nutritional chats NEXT week, inviting 5 people to each session.. If you are interested in joining in on the chat, download Skype to your phone and email me your cell number so I can easily add you to the group[s]. I will post more about this soon when I have the days and times  For now be ready to sweat to the current session and look forward to the Easter session in 2 weeks! :) 

Basic dumbbell moves and core ideas will be posted on Instagram after a short break. People are getting a little Insta Obsessive right now, and getting a little goofy about giving your eyes a little break from screen time. 

Announcement 3/24/20 2:30 pm     Dear, very dear members,
With a heavy heart, because of the restrictions imposed, mandated, and enforced, the Shape Up Shoppe Fitness Club Inc. will be closed for physical workouts effective 3-24-20. Classes will be continued with an on-line workout which will be accessible this week. I will offer individual help as always, but now it will be via Skype, Duo, email, phone conferences, and the member page. I will continue to offer individual specialized programs as well. If you view the Evers announcement on line, you will hear the rules for businesses. He also asks for 6-foot distancing in grocery store lines, however following his announcement there is a video showing grocery stores crowded, customers cramped together, and employees are not wearing gloves. Following that video there is a bakery packing boxes for curbside [no gloves or masks] and the young daughter literally has her face in one of the outgoing boxes and breathing in it. Some restaurants are posting videos of their food prep and many of the workers do not have gloves or masks, however some do. It is hard to know what goes on behind the scenes. I point this out because I am personally very concerned about your menu and where you will get your food.  It would be my pleasure to help with nutritional information daily [by request] so you can do your best to make healthy nutritional choices as well as talking about obtaining safe food. When ordering curbside, consider asking the measures they are taking during food prep. I am also concerned for your mental well-being and the shoppe family is in my daily prayers. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your kind, heart-felt emails, loyalty, and continued support. Shoppe instructors have been informed to "block", and not "like" or comment via social media or text to Shape Up Shoppe members as per their written *contract in order to limit personal and private lifestyle options that may or may not reflect the Shape Up Shoppe Fitness Club Inc., and to protect themselves from liable during this period of mandates. Although they will not respond at this time, they are all excited to get back to being a part of the team as soon as it is allowed. I personally will make myself available to each and every member 24/7 with the utmost regard and respect for your wellness and fitness needs. 

*Acceptable Use Agreement for Shape Up Shoppe Fitness club Inc. Employees and Volunteers. –Revised 12/3/14 through 1/31/21