Shape Up Shoppe

2697 S. KK Ave. Milw. WI 53207 

Updated 3-21-19
Wellness Programs
TEAM-LEAN SPRING-CLEAN  pre-registration required; attendance at meeting required, limit 15
Kick-off meeting Tues March 26th 6:30pm, vitamins/minerals provided, Cleanse begins the following day Weds March 27th
Look at your schedule and choose:  6 day $65 or 14 day $85 [add $15 for minerals]
MAY-MELT-AWAY Meeting Tuesday May 14th 6:30 PM, 5 day cleanse $60, minerals add $15 
For those that can not attend meetings or are not interested in group plans:  
INDIVIDUAL menu planning, analysis of food diary, BMI testing, measurements, gym program, 3 week menu planning $180

Hi awesome members. I am home and will be at the shoppe...however...

I had a "slip & trip" right before I left town and got a few injuries and was hoping to be 100% upon my return but I need 3 more weeks before teaching cardio. That said, I look forward to catching you all up on getting new gym programs since I will finally have time to focus on that for you. I look forward to bitching at the boxers a bit from the podium!  My peace of mind comes from the confidence in our current team of trainers. I truly feel it's the best group we have had in decades. I wanted to fill you in here on the member page, so we don't have to spend time talking about it at the desk. It's all about YOU at the shoppe, not me, and I like to keep the work out zones chit-chat know me!

Email me to use the following appointments for gym workouts, new weight program,  PT, or specific goal training
Thurs 21st  5  5:45  6:30
Fri 22nd 4:45   6:15
Mon 4 4:45 5:30 7

Slide info- Slide originated when Reebok was commissioned by the NFL for players with knee replacements to go from the wheelchair to the slide, even before they could walk. The knee has 4 plains and if all 4 are not equally strong, there is an imbalance to the pull on the patella which can cause slight displacement and pain. Runners especially have an imbalance because linear workouts strengthen the quads and hamstrings. We need a lateral workout to cross-train.  Grab a slide and do a few minutes daily until our next class.  

NOTICE: Please do not wear shoes in from outside. Members are nicely reporting that they have seen this. We touch the floor a lot :) You need to carry in shoes that you will wear on the workout floor [or leave them in the locker area]