Shape Up Shoppe

2697 S. KK Ave. Milw. WI 53207 

July 24

Disclosure: A fully vaccinated Box member has tested Covid positive. She was at Box class July 14th, felt ill a few days later, tested positive, and has been in quarantine since.   We continue to disinfect daily: hand rails, rope handles, door knobs, toilet handles, sink handles, dumbbells and now have washed the bags. We count on you to wipe down the equipment you personally use. New variants in the US may affect people even if vaccinated, so for your [and my] peace of mind, we continue to be diligent with cleaning and continue with controlled class sign-up with no cross over mornings/nights, so that group contact is limited to a small and isolated number of members. When we work out with the same 10-15 people daily we can easily know who we have come in contact with and keep the shoppe safe.

Open Gym Hours:   

Doors lock during some classes. CALL 414.481.2108 to be let in. Gym IS interchangeable with ALL members. Specify "GYM" on sign-in sheet when applicable.

AM  gym hours                                       PM gym hours - new extended hours for the remainder of July

Mon & Weds  8:45-10:15 [Door locks 9am]     Mon & Weds 3:30-7:30  No locked door           

Tue  & Thurs   closed in mornings                  Tue 3:30-7:30 and Thurs  4:30-7:30  No locked door   

Friday 8:45-10:15 [Door locks 9am]                Friday 4:30-6:30  [Door will lock at 5pm]    

Saturday  7:45-10am [Door locks at 8am]      NEW!!!  -afternoon open gym hours SOME Saturdays - posted here and on Instagram the Friday prior

Sunday closed for summer   

Morning Memberships: 
Mon, Wed, Fri @ 9am  "BODYJAZZ BOUTIQUE" 
A unique summer vibe at the shoppe offering dancy/low-impact routines making our seniors a priority! Consider staying after class a few minutes for a water or coffee on the Tiki and reconnect after the long year of distancing. Possibly even a book-club meeting?!
Evening Memberships: 
Mon& Wed 4:30, Fri 5pm &  Mon, Tues, Thurs 5:45pm Sat 8am [extra fee class] 
Evening classes have high-impact routines and also a "go-with-the flow" vibe with different cross-training techniques added in daily such as boot-camp, step/slide, box stations, gym stations, running stairs and advanced directives.       
Memberships are sold by mornings OR evenings as we now offer different class types. Morning is "BodyJazz" low-impact dancy choreographed aerobics. Evening is "Cardio-Complete" advanced hi-impact workouts with Boot-Camp and class content changing daily, Wednesdays are Box. In addition this also regulates class size and contains us to consistent groups so that all of you, and the shoppe, stays as safe as possible.   Choose between a 2class or a 3class per week membership. The gym is included free with 1 complimentary training session. Venmo is our preferred payment method.  however we can accommodate other methods of payment when needed or requested.  
Our Venmo account is ShapeUp-shoppe

  • please take off your outside shoes when you walk in  - consider keeping your workout shoes at the shoppe
  • please start keeping gloves in your shoes - especially PM members so you can be ready for anything without notice
  • please keep doing your great job of 6-foot distancing - also during abs, in training room, and by shelves
  • please list your birthday on the birthday poster so we can "celebrate" in class
  • please pay your dues on time which is on the 1st, or better yet pay off your membership & save us accounting fees 
  • please know that we appreciate you for the "extras" for Personal-Training, Family PT, Box Lessons and more .
Our GoFundMe link is
Or - anyone can just go to GO FUND ME and find us by typing in Shape Up Shoppe. Please ask businesses in the community to post.
Please ask people you know in the community that have a lot of followers, to post a plea on facebook and Instagram: "Please consider supporting my Gym, the cornerstone of BayView for 40 years, the first and longest existing woman owned business-building combination in Bay View hit hard by Covid The family run business has tried to do so much for Bay View and is hoping for community support to get a new roof."  ....something like that? 

Posted Q1: The Shape Up Shoppe Fitness Club Inc. Safety Requirements:

2697 S. KK Ave. Milwaukee WI 53207 We are a private club for members only & doors lock when class begins. Please be on time as it is difficult to hear the phone.

Do not come to the Shoppe if you feel ill, have a fever, or are coughing. This rule has ALWAYS been in place. We will expand this to include:…and, if you have been in contact with anyone that is experiencing these issues. We will be closing between classes and disinfecting the entire Shoppe including rest-rooms, hand rails, doors, and more. We will ask you to sign the Screening Form upon entering, rather than the sign-in attendance sheet.  We do trust you, and we want you to feel safe. Enter with a mask and keep it on until getting to a spot in class. Keep moving while entering and distance by 6-feet while signing in using a clean pen or bring your own. Keep your gym bag with you and take it room to room with you when switching workout rooms.

Cardio Room

  • 8-foot distancing  provided in the Cardio Room mornings, 6-foot evenings. Stickers are placed on the floor for you to choose a spot each class. 
  • When leaving the cardio room to use the restroom, please put your mask on
  • If you need your floor mat, wear your mask to get it and distance 6 feet 
  • Wear your mask by the shelves to retrieve gym bags and distance after class with masks on
  • Masks are NOT required while cardio [see below] but ARE allowed if you can get enough oxygen.  We do not want to put instructors at risk to deliver CPR
  • Consider a head band to collect sweat on hot days, or a towel under spinner. A allergen filter has been added to our ventilation system.
  • Follow the directions for the up/down stairways. Shoes will be divided rather than all in one place in the locker room.


  • Wear gloves if clean [your own] at all times or wipe down before and after use. We really appreciate when you wear gloves. Wipe down the equipment with the disinfectant provided after use
  • Only 6 people allowed in the gym at one time and spread out with at least 6 feet of distancing and wear masks.  Spinners have been moved apart

Training Room 

  • Only 4 people at a time to provide 6 feet of distance - this is not a room to chat, use Bamboo room to socialize. Do NOT leave your gym bags or belongings in the training room!

Locker Room 

  • Get in, get changed, get out – 4 person limit, 5 minute limit. This is not a room to chat, use Bamboo room which is inches away to chat.

Bamboo Room

  • Only 6 people at a time – chairs are 6 feet apart and should not be moved

Department of Public Health writes:

It more difficult for the wearer to breathe due to carbon dioxide buildup, which reduces the intake of oxygen, increased breathing rates, heart rate, respiratory rates, work of breathing, and CO2 buildup potentially posing risk to sensitive populations. Wearing a mask delivers less oxygen into the body than when the person is not wearing a mask. It can lead to oxygen shortage, suffocation, respiration trouble, and heart attacks. Oxygen loss is equivalent to 1–2 % of the total body oxygen consumption at rest, but increases during activity to 8–10 %.

In addition, Scarves, bandannas, tissues, and anything not marked N95 or better (N100, P99, P100, etc.) are not helpful.  "Surgical masks that trap small particles are designed to filter air coming out of the wearer's mouth and do not provide a good seal to prevent inhalation of small particles People with breathing problems (ironically) are discouraged from wearing a mask without getting a doctor's recommendation.  Wearing a mask may actually be harmful to some people with heart or lung disease because it can make the lungs work harder to breathe. The state also recommends using a new mask each day, "if you can”.