Shape Up Shoppe

2697 S. KK Ave. Milw. WI 53207 

Updated 5-22-19 Memorial Day;  Half Full - remit $ to be "signed up" first come basis, we don't hold names. 
                                                        VETS free, Daughters FREE..This class is for members and their families only 
Upcoming May-nia Classes [Classes that are not the usual session] 
Tuesday  5-21:  9am, Cardio weights, 5:45-Terrific Tuesday - fun stuff [routines] - 5:30 weights and wheels optional
Note to Tuesday Night group: A BIG THANK YOU - for celebrating my 40 to 60 workout, & pushing me to MY limits. WOW
Wednesday 5-22: 9am Reg session, 4:30 Instructor Choice, 6:15 Resistance with rope, routines, Slide Reebok
Thursday 5-23: 5:30am Combo-Cardio;  9am "Play Ball!" [class: half cardio, half ball Inst, Kris]
                         5:45pm Instructor choice [thanks PM for going with the flow, never needing to know] [5:30 abs or gym-we will see]
Friday 5-24: 9am TBD, 5:30 Instructor Choice
Sat 5-25: 9:15- Press & Pump Izzy
Sun 5-26: Slide and Weights Izzy
Memorial Day Extended Jam & Tiki: 
For members & their families only, Daughters are FREE, VETS are FREE, You are signed-up upon upon remitting $20 cash

Slide info- Slide originated when Reebok was commissioned by the NFL for players with knee replacements as rehab to start directly after the wheelchair, even before they could walk. The knee has 4 plains and if all 4 are not equally strong, there is an imbalance of the pull on the patella which can cause slight displacement and pain. Runners especially have an imbalance because linear workouts strengthen the quads and hamstrings, and do not use the abductors and adductors. We need a lateral workout to cross-train.  Side effect: Tone/firm inner and outer leg! 

Grab a slide and do a few minutes daily until our next class to start your knee re-hab and to get the inner leg tight!


Please do not wear shoes in from the outside without washing them before you go upstairs. Members are nicely reporting that they have seen this. We touch the floor a lot :) You need to carry in shoes that you will wear on the workout floor, or leave them in the locker area. Thank you.