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Shape Up Shoppe

2697 S. KK Ave. Milw. WI 53207 

Personal Training

  • Strength
  • Definition
  • Weight Loss
  • Sport Specific
  • Functional / Body Mechanics
  • Bone Mass / Density
  • Rehabilitation 
  • Event [Tough Mudder, Dirty Girl, Half Marathon etc]
  • Boxing
  • Student based basic training

Personal Trainers:

Julie Newman CMT /  CST Fitness Director

Julie specializes in body mechanics with an emphasis on injury prevention and rehabilitation with a degree in anatomy/physiology and a certification in kineseology and sports therapy with a wellness/nutrition component.  She holds a patent on BodyJazz Fitness and certifies trainers at the Shape Up Shoppe and has taught classes daily at the Shape Up Shoppe since opening it in 1981.  Julie has trained numerous teams including the Milwaukee Admirals and the Brewers Diamond dancers. She has taught wellness and workouts at the Ranch De Puerto in Mexico. She has led warm-ups for over 100 runs in the metro Milwaukee area and currently teaches after school fitness classes in the MPS system. She has also been the Fitness Director for a private company for 17 years and has helped hundred of employees lower their triglycerides, cholesterol and weight. "What I most enjoy for the day-to-day is helping women become independent regarding their wellness.  I teach them how to master their menu's and their workouts on their own. I don't agree with trainers that imply their clients need them three times per week and charge literally thousands of dollars. It is rewarding when clients are proud of themselves and understand it was all them, not me! The Shape Up Shoppe cardio classes keep me in shape and I look forward to every single class I teach" Julie

Dennis Newman 

Dennis pre-qualified for the Olympic wrestling team  and  pro-boxed for 10 years and trained under pros such as Joe Lewis. He has been teaching BoxBag classes at the Shape Up Shoppe since 1991. He also teaches BoxBag to MPS high school after school groups. He is a certified Slide Reebok instructor and teaches small group classes. He has 20 years of coaching school basketball and tennis teams and gives private tennis lessons. He has taught group fitness to severely disabled adults and  developed a format that is still used. As a musician and after years of marching band, he has great success teaching drum-line and percussion for MPS, He plays all types of drums, guitar, piano and sax and offers private lessons. He drums to some of the routines during cardio classes at the shoppe periodically to add an element of fun. "What I most enjoy for the day-to-day is sparing with each person during the BoxBag classes at the shoppe and giving personal training lessons in Boxing and seeing these women transform. Of course I take pride in my MPS students and especially those that take their drumming to the state level or ask for recommendation letters for college scholarships." Dennis

Kris Nardi

Kris has taught fitness classes at the Shape up Shoppe for 35 years including Cardio Complete, Power Jam, Step, Boot-Camp, Slide Reebok, Press & Pump on weights, Core Fusion, Spin, and is certified in BodyJazz Fitness as a master trainer. Kris has won numerous first place awards in Stair Climb competitions and it is not unusual to see her speed past you on the lake trails after a quick 20 mile bike ride. Kris sets a great example by showing members that you can keep to your fitness routine and remain strong and fit while having and raising children and grandchildren. She even participated in a fitness clothing fashion show 9 months pregnant at the shoppe. Kris is strong, defined, and competitive and will push members to be their best. She also participates or leads warm-up events for runs and team training. "What I enjoy for the day-to-day is teaching large group fitness classes that are fun, and encouraging younger women to keep up with those of us in our 60's and members in their 70's. I especially enjoy the Power Jam class with throwback music. I look forward to the camaraderie at the club on the tiki deck hearing about how members look forward to their workouts. It is rewarding helping members reduce stress, be healthy, and have fun doing it. I'm not gonna lie - I kind of like it when they are groaning a little in my arms songs too!" Kris


Sport Specific Training: Strengthen muscles used in that particular sport and focus on connective tissue for involved joints

Functional:  posture, core, joint inclusive.

Body Mechanic Training: We want to enjoy our favorite activities! Repetitive use of limited muscle groups is hard on the joints. For example; if you are a golfer you need to strengthen your external obliques to avoid a lower back injury from twisting. .Gardeners need to consider knee, back and neck exercises. 


Increase your Metabolism