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 ~This Saturday Pop-Up is Box Boot-Camp ALL members welcome


~Requests for another Team-Lean group. We can do this if 8 pre-pay for a Thursday meeting at 6:45 pm October 5th with the 7 day cleanse to begin Monday October 9th. 1st and 2nd timers $80 cash, all others $60. If we do not get enough interest your fee will be returned to you


~Schedule/hours on the desk by sign in sheet. Take a picture to have on your phone :)


~October Halloween costume class. Tuesday October 24th 5:45. Party to follow

~Shoppe decorating party Monday November 27th. Dorkiest Elf costume gets a prize! Musicians bring your instruments for a quick practice for the caroling party

~Caroling Party ThursdayDecember 14th [no pm class]

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