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New-Member Info and all new member inquiries...Appointment is POSITIVELY needed to tour or to join
Please make appointment by emailing

Thank you for visiting our site. We are celebrating 43 years at the same location, and the same local family ownership. We are results based. I will personally guarantee you will look forward to your workouts. Email me and tell me your fitness/wellness goals. I invite you to tour the facility as it is much larger than it appears from the outside. Our cardio room holds 30 participants and our BoxBag class can accommodate 18 people! We have an emphasis on injury prevention, reducing stress, high caloric burn, improving  numbers regarding BMI, body-fat, triglycerides, overall noticeable results...and fun! Meet new people! Our welcoming [not clicky] members cool down in the Bamboo-Room or Lean-Bar after a fantastic class. Facilities include a Nautilus gym with cardio equipment, personal training room, and locker room, however we are known for our great classes. If you enjoy working out on a treadmill or elliptical for an hour while watching TV or looking out of a window to the beautiful view of KK Ave...then the Shoppe is not a good fit for you. Our classes are fun...some people even sing along....some groan during a 10 minute tricep routine...but all look forward to class. You get what you pay for...speaking of...I will help you decide on your membership according to your goals. You will not get a surprise bill in the mail after your free PT sessions in the gym. We do not invade your bank account after hearing about other clubs that would not stop the direct withdraw process after months of requests. We have a one class a week membership Box for 12 weeks. We have memberships you can design 2x per week to unlimited. After 43 years...we are doing something right! If a club is $10 less per month or a cheap chain club,  but it takes more of your valuable time to meet your that worth it? On the other hand, we have not joined in the trend of clubs in Bay View asking huge monthly dues.  Come watch a class and look around [by appointment] and see if we are a good fit for you and why we have been here 43 years. Please tour so you can see why we are the longest standing biz in BayView. Thank you for considering the Shape Up Shoppe.  Julie Newman - Fitness Director 

Selling points: 

  • Our "Cardio-Complete" classes are amazing! We combine strength & toning WHILE maintaining a consistent cardio heart-rate to maintain body weight & body fat %

  • We get results...we shape up our members...also results with improved weight, body fat, BP, resting pulse, oxygen uptake, cholesterol and more.

  • Our seasonal Boot-Camp follows 30 minutes of cardio & includes a climbing net, trampolines, battle rope, lateral slides, barbells, and much more. 

  • We have trainers and instructors rather than "coaches"  so that members learn and retain  muscle memory for correct technique

  • Classes are up to $18 in Bay View? ..ours average $7. You get 3x more for half the price, no gimmicks

  • Anything you read on any site. We have "been there - done that" for 43 years! 

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