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Shape Up Shoppe

2697 S. KK Ave. Milw. WI 53207 

How has the Shape Up Shoppe changed your life?

"At my highest weight I was around 250. Then I lost about 25 pounds over a few years' time. In January 2017 I decided enough was enough. I was 50 years old and it was time. I committed to living healthier. I've lost 40 pounds and have about 15 to go to reach my goal. One thing I know for sure...I couldn't have accomplished this without the Shape Up Shoppe. Julie motivates me to push myself. I love getting stronger. I look forward to class and singing along to fun music. And training with Dennis...who knew I would grow to love the speed bag?! My Shoppe sisters have been a great encouragement every step of the way. I enjoy having successes beyond a number on the scale. My cholesterol dropped 41 points! I haven't worn a size 12 in over a decade! And more than anything else my confidence is back. It is worth the effort to have a better life.  Thank you Shape Up Shoppe!"

-Nancy Charles

"It’s hard to put into a short paragraph how the Shape Up Shoppe has changed my life.  I was already a long distance runner before joining but I had very weak upper body strength.  I came to the Shoppe to have someone help me prepare for the 2015 Tough Mudder.  I wanted to at least be able to pull myself over the obstacles.  Not only did Julie help me build my upper body strength with Personal Training, but she gave me the confidence to know I [on my own] could push myself more.  In addition to maintaining my running, I joined the BoxBag class which helped with endurance and strength and stress.  I eventually joined the cardio classes which helped with metabolism and weight loss. I was feelin In addition to increasing my cardio and my strength, I learned how to eat to improve my health and energy.  Julie, who is a nutritionist, teaches us how food affects our bodies, our energy, our mood. She also helps us understand what to look for in foods that will continue to make us healthier.  Additionally, whether it’s cardio programs, nutrition, or boxing, the Shape Up Shoppe is a very supportive environment of women.  We encourage each other, ask how each other is doing, and celebrate all victories!  I love working out at the Shape Up Shoppe and encourage everyone I know to join.  Gradually, over time, I have changed my lifestyle for the better.  My changes inspired my sister to also get healthier.  Now when we get together over the holidays, chances are we are headed to do some type of workout.  Who would have thought that when I walked into the Shape Up Shoppe in January 2015, I would have been on the road to a permanent healthier lifestyle?"

-Wendy Strout