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TEEN MEMBERSHIPS - Current Covid offer - take 15% off any membership or PT packages

The below will resume after distancing. 

~Unlimited All Classes & Gym $35 month [min 3 months] 

~Unlimited Gym $25 month - 4 months 

~Kid-Fit Indoor Boot-Camp 4-weeks $20{group of at least 5 required} choose day/time

We begin with cardio aerobics and move into the boot-camp stations. Heart rates are monitored and we incorporate sports-specific drills by request for school sports. Nutritional info is stressed.


PT for Teens ONGOING By appt 13-17yrs  CPT Julie or Dennis Newman

This is a fun personal training session with conditioning, Nautilus, free weights, net climbing, huge trampoline and fitness games. We preform different activities each week to keep it interesting and to teach kids that exercising can be fun! We can include Yoga, theraball, Pilates mat, and even box-bag! We ask parents to look at our nutritional sheets to make this a complete package. It's time we take responsibility for the welfare and future of our children.

Tumbling & Gymnastics for Birthday Parties $90 [up to 10 kids] text

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